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The True Power of Twitter

May 6th, 2009 No comments

I was recently a victim (addict?) of Twitter. Nothing serious. Just joined really. I heard so much buzz about it and I had to see for myself what it was about.

Twitter Micro-Blogging

Twitter Micro-Blogging

Essentially, Twitter is like a GIANT chat room where everyone is talking asynchronously. But the chat room is very organized you see. You can follow people without commitment. They do not have to be “friends” with you like on MySpace or Facebook for you to see their syndication or news feeds on what they are doing.

One of the most powerful features of Twitter that has acquisition interest from Google, Apple, Facebook (Twitter declined Facebook’s offer. So Facebook rearranged their feeds to look like Twitter), is Twitter’s Search feature. You can search what people are chatting about and follow that topic, offer your help, or “cyberstalk” your favorite celebrities.

The other great power of Twitter is you can read and write (known as tweets) using mobile devices like the iPhone or just a cellphone. This is really the emerging Web 3.0 which takes Web 2.0 (widgets and content management) to mobile devices. So when I make a tweet on my iPhone, it shows up on my Twitter feeds to my followers. But it also shows up on this website in the right sidebar in the form of a widget appearing seamlessly integrated. This is Web 3.0: the integration of Internet, mobile devices, and cloud computing. Essentially, write once, publish to many different channels.

Yes. Twitter does seem a lot of hype. It is not for everyone. More for people with Attention Deficit Disorder. Now what was I saying? Oh yeah, it’s also fun to kill boring activities like waiting in line at the DMV for a half hour. It can be very addicting. I do have my habit under control though. I can stop whenever I want to.

There are many different Twitter apps for both the computer desktop and mobile devices.  Which Twitter apps do you use?

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