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Delta Dreams – Dream In Stereo

November 15th, 2010 No comments

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The song title and atmosphere were inspired from the trip hop duo Mono and their song “Life In Mono”. I really like mixes that have depth and 3D elements. Music with good melodies and atmospheres where every time you hear the song, you discover something you haven’t paid attention to before. Mixes that immerse you into the song’s world rather than just being heard through speakers.

The lyrics came to me in a lucid dream. I remember dreaming I was in a valley at night and this angel floated towards me with the lyrics written in a scroll. I knew I was dreaming so I took the scroll, closed it, and opened it back up. The lyrics were still there. The melodies were the stars in the sky exploding randomly.

I was looking for a female singer that had an innocent but melancholic voice and Wendy Emerson was perfect for it. She recorded the first verse in one or two takes. The second verse was a lot more difficult. Her southern twang all of a sudden came out and it took something like 45 takes to get it right. Her timing was also off from the beat at times, fortunately however, with the marvels of digital recording, you could simply splice the vocal track and move the clip to the right location.

The drum sample you hear at the end was originally going to be the foundation of the entire song but I thought it would be better if it was “more if less” if I added it as accent at the end instead. It basically serves as a song within a song. If you hadn’t noticed, there are a lot of reversed sounds in my music. I’ve always loved them because they create wonderful and weird atmospheres with creepy rhythms.

Sony records wanted to buy the full copyright for Dream In Stereo for an electronica compilation CD called “She” featuring various trip hop/electronic music with female vocals. The offer…A whopping $500. I gracefully declined. I mean. Really? Years later I saw the compilation at Virgin records in New York and smiled knowing that the quality was good enough for major release even though the monetary value was not equitable.

The story behind the first remix Dream In Stereo (Paris Trip Hop Mix) was that it was sparked by an accident. A friend came over and I was playing the original version through my studio setup. The settings for the sound banks on my keyboard were not set correctly but when the sequencer (Cubase VST at the time) started playing, it sounded different but I thought it had a lot of potential as a more stripped down track. Dream In Stereo (Video Mix) took the Paris Trip Hop Mix slightly more modern with more syncopated hi hats and melodies.

I’m not sure if Dream In Stereo will ever reach cult status or become culturally relevant but I really cherish this song because it’s one of the few that I’ve done where I felt nothing more needs to be added or taken away. It stands the test of time. Maybe we can all dream in stereo once in a while.

Coffee spills in cafe bars
Misplaced faces and conversations
Talking to a Flaming June
I had almost forgotten you

Moonlight fades in the dark
Autumn leaves settle in the park
And I walk the streets guided by their light
Don’t walk away this time