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M Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender Film

June 19th, 2009 1 comment

Paramount Pictures released the first photos from M Night Shyamalan’s new film The Last Airbender. The Last Airbender is based on the hugely popular and successful Nickelodeon animated TV series. The live-action feature film is set in a world where human civilization is divided into four nations: Water, Earth, Air and Fire. I played an Earth bender prisoner with long light brown hair. I wasn’t allowed to blog about it because of the non-disclosure agreement with actors but these images are now authorized to be made public. The Last Airbender is expected to be a trilogy. The first episode is not expected to be released until June 2010. You can see the first trailer of The Last Airbender in the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opening.

Noah Ringer As Ang, The Last Airbender

Noah Ringer As Aang, The Last Airbender

Noah Ringer plays the lead character Aang, the “Last Airbender.” Working with him was great. He is a very mature 12-year-old regional karate star was who discovered in a Texas when his instructor sent in a video tape audition. Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire plays Prince Zuko, leader of the Fire Nation.

Ang - The Last Airbender

Aang - The Last Airbender

The Fire Nation is  an oppressive race with powers to control flame. They are waging a war against the other three nations. The film’s hero, the reluctant young Aang, is the “Last Airbender”. Aang is the Avatar who, according to prophecy, has the ability to manipulate all of the elements and bring all the nations together. Aided by a protective teenage Waterbender named Katara (Nicola Peltz) and her bull-headed brother Sokka, Aang proceeds on a perilous journey to restore balance to their war-torn world.

Dev Patel of The Fire Nation

Dev Patel of The Fire Nation

Here are a couple of interesting facts about the film’s two main stars:

  • Noah Ringer’s nickname at school was “Avatar” because many people thought he looked like the character that he now plays in the movie. Life is very funny in that way isn’t it?
  • Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel, who plays Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation; earned his black belt in tae kwon do before getting into acting, and started watching the animated television series while filming Slumdog.
Dev Patel As Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation

Dev Patel As Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation

I wish I could write more about behind the scenes but I just can’t because of the non-disclosure agreement. I can say that it was a joy waking up at 3am to catch a 5am tour bus for an hour long drive to the elaborate custom made set for the Earth Benders. All the actors and crew were great to work with. It has been several weeks since I wrapped up shooting my scenes and still have these funny tan lines on my feet due to the costume.