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Delta Dreams Music At Albert Einstein Memorial

May 4th, 2009 No comments
Delta Dreams Music At Albert Einstein Memorial

Delta Dreams Music At Albert Einstein Memorial

For the past year, I was given the privilege to provide music and sound engineering services for the Albert Einstein Memorial and National Academy of Sciences. I remastered the audio recordings of one of the first ever Albert Einstein interviews on his theory of relativity as well as other scientists.

Delta Dreams iTunes

My song Ibiza (Trance Mix) can also be heard at the beginning of the Cell Phone Tour. For more information on my music project, visit

Here is the tour guide in Cell Phone Tour in PDF format or you can call 202-595-1836.

This song was also licensed for the Equilon Pipeline (now Shell Oil) commercial as well as 2 feature films: Double Dare (Zoe Bell) and Searching For Paradise (Chris Noth)

I basically removed a lot of the noise from the recording through EQ, filters, and noise gates effects using Digidesign ProTools. I also ran the audio recordings through compressors to even out the sound and make them louder. Compression essentially makes the quieter parts louder and the louder parts quieter producing an even consistent volume.

The tour is sponsored by the Cultural Programs of theĀ  National Academy of Sciences (CPNAS)

For more information, you can visit

2101 Constitution Ave., NW,
Washington, DC, 20418