Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler Are Law Abiding Citizens

March 17th, 2009
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I was driving home one afternoon when I got the call from one of my casting directors that I was going to be in the Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler new psychological action thriller Law Abiding Citizen shot in Philadelphia. I was so excited that I had to pull over.

My scene was the first day shooting in late January. It was so a freaking cold windy day at 15 degrees Fahrenheit. My long johns did not help either. It took the whole day to setup the cranes, cameras, and lighting equipment. Jamie Foxx had to walk out of City Hall and into a police car. That was pretty much it.

Jamie Foxx plays a District Attorney who accepts a plea agreement with a murderer that slips through the legal system.  300 star Gerard Butler plays the vigilante out to seek revenge for his wife and daughter as well as the DA. However, Foxx’s character also has his own personal career agenda.

Law Abiding Citizen is directed by F. Gary Grey who did the excellent Italian Job. It was written by Kurt Wimmer, a Hollywood veteran known primarily for his journeyman script work (Sphere, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Recruit) but beloved by cult audiences for his underrated Christian Bale sci-fi flick Equilibrium. He also wrote and directed Ultraviolet. Wimmer has also been long-rumored to be the director of an upcoming film based on the hit video game Metal Gear Solid. I remember playing Metal Gear on the old Nintendo 16 bit.

Frank Darabont was initially set to direct Law Abiding Citizen but has stepped out for unknown reasons. He is a three-time Oscar nominee for such film classics as The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and the horror flick The Mist. Darabont has also been busy recently developing an updated film version of the Ray Bradbury novel Fahrenheit 451, which was going to star Tom Hanks until he dropped out earlier this year.

  • PIslander

    You have the storyline reversed for LAC.
    It started out the way you reported it, but when Jamie Foxx signed onto the film, they switched roles.
    So, Foxx is playing the role of the DA and Gerry Butler is playing the heart-broken man who went to the dark side and is seeking major revenge on the DA for agreeing to a plea agreement with his family’s murderer.

  • DBergan

    And Frank Darabont is not a director on the film.
    You seemed to have info from different press releases.

  • @DBergan
    Thanks for clearing that up. It’s been updated.