Delta Dreams

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All Day is a song about love and ultimately destiny (in an unromantic sense) influenced by british and dance pop bands like The Killers and New Order.The catchy chorus and anthem lyrics about love, betrayal, and redemption drive home the message that despite our human failings, we come back stronger. The dance beat is reminiscent of The Killer’s Human with the aggressiveness of New Order’s heavy guitar track Crystal.CREDITS:
All Day: Quang Ly (lyrics, music, vocals, verse guitars), Roberto Cerini (chorus guitars, bass)
Album Design : Gino Verna / Quang Ly

Delta Dreams - All Day
This Single was my return to recording after a long hiatus. I was listening to a lot of The Killers and Stuart Price remixes and productions at the time. I wrote, performed, and produced all the arrangements on this song including the remix. It’s called the Stripper Remix because I tested it at a strip club and had good reaction from the dancers. I must say it was a lot of fun through the entire process. I’ve always liked mid-tempo dance music that was musical and song based.
Delta Dreams - Before My Eyes
I was listening to a lot of trip hop acts like Hooverphonic, Delerium, Morcheeba, and Recoil at the time. The song Dream In Stereo was sung by Wendy Emerson. The first question EVERYBODY asks is “Who sang this?” Well, now you know. The lyrics and music all came to me in a lucid dream hence the name. I like the mix of both female (various singers) and male (me) to balance things out. One of my favorite tracks is Passport since it has such a nice melodic trip hop groove to it but towards the end doubles the tempo with heart pounding drum and bass. When I Close My Eyes is another Enigma influenced song that is very orchestrated with atmospheric electronics. The songs have a filmic element to them and all were naturally placed in commercials or film. All my songs are gratis for independent films with legitimate download. Simple eh?
Delta Dreams - Dream In Stereo
The album features 12 songs written and recorded within a 36 hour marathon studio session. It was very creatively liberating. The tracks are very cinematic and driven by pounding and intricate industrial beats. I was inspired by Nine Inch Nails “Ghosts I-IV” and Moby Gratis. Independent or student filmmakers may use any of the songs for non-profit films without need of a master or sync license as long as they purchase a legitimate download.
Delta Dreams - Selected Music For Films Vol. 1