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Age 7 in Houston

Age 6 in Houston, TX. Armed and Dangerous

Hi, I am Quang Ly (pronounced Kwong Lee).

I started this website as a for me to share my creative film and music projects with people. I also do micro-blogging on Twitter so feel free to follow me there.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved listening to music and sounds. It is something intangible but yet it can uplift all of us. I also love making music. Each song to me is its own individual requiring unique care and approach  If you are interested in hearing more of my music project, go to Delta Dreams.

I got into acting not too long ago. Mostly by accident when a friend recommended me to audition for a film. I love the process of discovering  a character and story. Developing the character’s layers: depth, timing, beat. The process is very similar to making music.

Hit me up.

Quang Ly

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